The most important message I wish to communicate, is that floating reduces and almost eliminates stress from your body. The experience of weightlessness has a profound effect on our mind and body and enables one to truly experience the deepest level of relaxation humanly possible.

There are 6 main complaints that are most common for women during pregnancy that floating addresses without the need for 6 different health services.

Swelling /Oedema

This is the number one issue and occurs mainly in the 3rd trimester. When we soak in a bath at home, Epsom salts are already known to reduce swelling in aching joints. Soaking in over 600kg of magnesium sulphate in our float tanks, has an even greater beneficial effect combined with the weightlessness.

You come out of your float feeling more comfortable in your body, your feet aren’t swollen so your shoes fit again, and there has been an increased blood flow to your extremities and your growing baby & you can safely lie on your back without the worry of nerve pressure on your spine.


Towards the end of your pregnancy, blood pressure can rise, and the recent results from research by Dr Justin Feinstein, indicate that floatation therapy can normalise blood pressure.

Removing stress from the body (and the mind) by releasing all tension from the muscles, the blood flow increases around the body and to the developing foetus.

Braxton Hicks/ contractions in practice

The uterus is one of the strongest muscles in the body and needs to be powerful enough to push a baby out in labour. Floating can help relax this muscle, reducing the likelihood of having Braxton Hicks. In fact, magnesium sulphate is what is used in hospitals to stop preterm labour. So soak it up in our floatation tanks with over 600kg of Epsom salts.


This is generally brought on by stress from day to day life, especially if the mother is working full time or has other children she is caring for. Anxiety may be generated from -how am I going to cope with this major life changing experience and the new addition to our family? And let’s not forget the constant changes in hormone levels that occur throughout the pregnancy, these can all contribute to effecting sleep and sleep quality.

Research has already proven that floating in a tank can and does improve our sleep and sleep quality. Floating can affect our hormones in a good way simply by removing stress for the 60-90 min from both body and mind. The warmth of the water, the silence one experiences, the darkness and zero gravity, all work together for this unique experience to have an amazing result.

how am I going to cope with this major life changing experience and the new addition to our family?

Leg cramps

Magnesium supplements are known to help with leg cramps and the same has been said of using topical magnesium oil. So relaxing in a floatation tank not only increases blood flow to the muscles and your baby, the magnesium helps relax the muscles, reducing tension while feeling weightless, calm and at peace.


First time pregnancy can cause stress to any woman, the unknown can create anxiety in the best of us!

  • How are we going to be as a parent?
  • Will my baby be healthy?
  • Will labour go smoothly?

This is a life changing experience. For the mothers that have already had their first or second child, floating gives you that time out you really need and crave. It really is the most valuable and important “me time” that you are giving to yourself on the deepest level, and it is 100% safe for both you and your baby.

Below is a video from Float Conference 2016. Birth Centre and float centre owners Kirsten Gerrish & Lena Kilic talk about the benefits of floating for their pregnant clients.

Bonding with your baby

This is one of the most wonderful experiences of floating, because you are weightless, and the baby is not moving as much trying to find a comfortable position. You are in what can be described as your own cocoon, deepening your connection to your baby, often being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat as well as your own.

So, you can see, there are a number of medical advantages to floatation therapy and as more research results become available, we will update our site.

pregnancy and floatation therapyPhoto provided by Float Dreams

Water temple has float aids to help you feel as comfortable as possible, neck halos, neck pillows, pool noodles: these can all help you lay back and rest in one of our Dream Pod floatation tanks.

Remember the water is set at body temperature, which for some may feel too warm as hormones and stress can affect this throughout pregnancy too.