What helps a person feel good?

What is it to feel good?

What helps you feel good?

Is it relaxing in the sun? Watching an open fire? Walks along the beach or in nature?

Gardening may be the activity that relaxes and de-stresses you, giving you the greatest joy?

Is it being with others that feeds you, or perhaps quiet time alone?

This is about being in rhythm with your body and mind. Often referred to as your body clock or circadian rhythm. In Chinese Medicine, it is described as a 24 hr Meridian clock where each Zang Fu Organs has a 2-hr window when it is at its fullest and then 12 hrs later when it is at its lowest; the ebb and flow of one’s energy.

When ones live within this cycle, their health is better maintained, this system also gives insight into ones emotional well being; for example, if one wakes at 3.00am, when the Liver energy is at its strongest, this often reflects an imbalance, i.e. someone who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, has an unhealthy diet, suffers from high levels of stress and has unresolved anger or resentment.

Floating can help to Detox the alcohol from the body and reduce the stress levels in the system and reset the body clock.

Hobbies are a great activity to take up, and often help bring a sense of calm to oneself which in turn feels good. This could well be a repetitive activity, but has a rewarding outcome, similar to watching vegetables and flowers grow over time – it is interesting to note that hobbies, like knitting and crocheting, are back trending, with both males and females, finding these both therapeutic, rewarding and calming to the mind.

Everyone seeks a balance in life … this looks different to everyone, but there is a similar theme.

Much like Yin and Yang, you need to experience one to appreciate the other. – It has nothing to do with age, money, culture, or location.

A sense of peace and calm comes about by knowing yourself, and this in turn feels good while feeding your inner being.

This goes all the way to the cellular level, if our cells are healthy; the organs and body system function properly. We feel vital, alive, happy and healthy.

One’s cells need to be hydrated, receive nutrition in correct proportions, including a good variety of fresh foods, whole grains, seeds and nuts, seafood and meats. This combined with good fats, providing enough minerals – Important for the cells, and to also utilise the vitamins.

Water is vital

Water is vital in keeping the cells health and Water Temple has a strong commitment to this with a triple filter alkaline water system in house.

When the body is seen as a complete system, cellular health is fundamental to this picture and our bodies require the Master Mineral, Magnesium, to assist in over 300 functions, one of the easiest ways to absorbed magnesium is transdermal via our largest organ the skin.

This kicks off a cascading domino effect for all our systems to function better.

-… leading to a healthier, happier body chemistry and a better you.

Happiness and feeling good is an inner experience; it is about being in flow…..if a person is surfing and they ride the perfect wave, they are in flow and are connecting to nature, and are experiencing a feeling of bliss, ask any keen surfer, even the commitment to getting up early, waves are control by the moons phases and wait for no one..

… all of us experience the deepest desire…to feel connected,

it’s that feeling of being connected to someone more than yourself…

Floating is feel good

Floatation therapy provides the perfect environment to connect to the most important person in your life, the one that will teach you what makes you happy and shows you what it feels like to be calm and at peace with life.

Your Life in flow, where you feel in your groove that rhythm , and things occur in perfect timing; “with ease” just makes you smile and feel good for no particular reason.

The unique experience of floating in an enclosed space, not claustrophobic as some fear, it gives the most amazing sense of peace and calm, allowing one’s body to be suspended in space feeling totally supported and nothing is required of you from anyone.

The zero-gravity affect enhances the effortlessness of being. The silence; the stillness; the sense of just being at one with your body -with no external stimuli having any profound effect on the brain and body.

Rarely does one have the opportunity to experience such a deep level of rest, enabling the body to recharge and the brain to reset.

It is the combination of the zero gravity, and the dense magnesium salted water -full of negatively charged ions, that have such a positive effect on the cells in the body.

The reduced external input, nothing visual or auditory, will become one of the important therapies for modern society. Not just to relax the body and refresh the mind, but as more research is done, Floatation therapy will be used as a part of other treatments for overall health and well being.

It is this unique combination of R.E.S.T. that will change the way people think about their wellness options.

Reset your body and mind

The body and mind need quality time to rest and reset, preventing a weakening/compromised immune system.

Mental health issues could be reduced, if people had more connection time to themselves, their family and friends.

Turning off one of society’s biggest addictions like that of social media, the fear of missing out on something that someone else is doing or experiencing, and you’re not a part of it.

Just 1 hr a week, can begin to change your life in some of the most profound ways imaginable. Just like watching trees bear fruit over a season, it takes the gardener, much work to do the watering, pruning and the feeding,before he reaps the delicious crop.

So too, does the person committed to the internal connection to self, that brings happiness and health, the process of floating; be that an intensive Detox program, the bi weekly sessions for muscular recovery, after intense sporting sessions; or weekly, to manage a busy lifestyle and help maintain that balance of activity and stillness.

In our fast pace life, with so many options vying for our health dollar, most of which require us to perform in some way

… floating asks nothing of you and gives back huge benefits.

… water is the most powerful element on the planet …

…it has the greatest ability to heal…