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Your journey to discovering inner peace and reconnecting with yourself begins as soon as you enter Water Temple Floatation and Holistic Health. We are dedicated to sharing with you our knowledge of all the benefits that we offer you. We are here to support you in your wellness journey.

We tailor an individual program where you can allow yourself to rest, reset and recover both physically and mentally from modern day constraints. We have created a safe and nurturing place for you.

Water Temple offers therapies that help and support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building your resilience, and reducing your stress levels. We also educate and support you in maintaining your new desired wellness level.

We provide Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, including Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Shiatsu Herbal medicine, Moxibustion and Food Therapy.

We are passionate about how important water is to your body. Our quadruple water filtering system also alkalizes our drinking water.

Never knew anything about Utopia Health Care?

Dr Mychelle has been practicing for over 25 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and moved Utopia Health Care into the High Street premises in November 2017. She believes in a Holistic approach and treats the body, mind and soul.

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Speciality health products

Dr Mychelle also offers an extensive range of practitioner only products such as herbal medicines and speciality vitamins. We also offer a range of bespoke and all-natural products made to order. Our products are available to view and purchase on our website.

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Benefits of Floatation Therapy

The ultra-deep relaxation of floating resets your body’s hormonal and metabolic balance while strengthening resistance to, and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise.

While the benefits of floatation therapy are as diverse as the people who love it, some of the most common include:


For optimum health your body requires regular rest from the rigors of daily life. Floatation therapy provides the perfect environment where your body is free from the constrains of gravity allowing for an amazing change to occur.  Epsom salts contain a high concentration of magnesium and has been used for centuries to soothe aches and pains, aid in muscle strain and injury recovery. There is no pressure on your joints or spine resulting in deep relaxation thus allowing for the body’s own natural healing to occur. This also helps you to become more connected to the areas of pain, often due to stress (both physical and mental), and in turn this greater awareness helps in the prevention of future injury. The combined effect of floating in the concentration of magnesium also helps with drawing toxins from the cells of the body.


Intellectual Sensory Deprivation allows your brain to reset and achieve a truly focused level of concentration. Floatation Therapy allows for the balance and improved communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 20% of the cortex of the brain is used to process sensory input, mainly visual and auditory, having both of these resting allows for a greater capacity to focus on what it is that you want, without distraction. Ever had writers block, want to reduce your anxiety in performing in public or design a new item? Well, amazing things happen when you allow “time out” from external sensory input. In a float tank you can reach such a state, so that creativity becomes heightened, and your brain can process and analyse information more constructively. You will emerge from our float session with a clearer mindset and more focused thoughts.


Wanting to develop a more connected heart focused lifestyle, or feel a calm and peaceful state of mind more often?
The Theta brainwave state, is occasioned with REM sleep where the brain wave cycles slow down, allowing you to easily tap into your subconscious mind. This often takes years of meditation to master. They have now discovered that when floating in a sensory deprivation or sensory enhancement environment, one can effortlessly reach deep mental and physical relaxation. Cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop, as all stress is removed from both your physical and mental processes. Your brain stays alert and releases a vast amount of endorphins (happy hormones). Floatation Therapy has been proven to help individuals, experience extended periods of Theta brainwave activity, quickly and easily.

Our Floatation Pods

Inside the float pod is 600kg of premium magnesium salts and 1000 litres of water, creating a 30 cm deep solution, which is heated to 35.5 degrees C (skin temperature).

The temperature of the water means that once you are settled in the tank, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water, and those that are not.

This buoyancy created by the dense Epsom-salt solution effectively removes the effects of gravity on the body and brings the individual close to an experience of total weightlessness.

With ear plugs in and, if you wish the pods interior lights off the quietness and the darkness allow the mind to drift into the deepest state of relaxation.

Over 20% of the brains energy is used every second to deal with the strains that gravity places on one’s body, floating allows for that energy to be redirected to other area of the body that need rebalancing and healing, so the weightlessness experienced when floating is very much a whole being self-healing therapy. The negative ions in the salty water improve the electrical impulses in the heart and brain and therefore effect all other systems, reducing cortisol levels, balancing the hormones, and remove stress from all areas of the body.

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