Radio Interviews


Floatober 2023 – Week 5 ‘Thanks to Jason from Innerverse and all the float centres that came on board’
Floatober 2023 – Week 3 ‘Michael from Tally Floatation and Sauna’
Floatober 2023 –  Week 2 ‘We chat with Kerry from LoKahi Wellness’
Floatober 2023 – Week 1 ‘Shoshana floating the experience from a ballerina / Ciarin from Floatco HongKong’
4th July 2023 ‘Wellbeing series 3 – The importance of movement for injury prevention with Luke Fuller
30th May 2023 ‘Wellbeing series 2 – Under the microscope with Tania’
9th May 2023 ‘Wellbeing series overview’
11th April 2023 ‘Getting the best night’s sleep with float therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine’
7th February 2023 ‘The Ultimate Recovery,  Not just for sports stars. The physical and mental benefits of floating’
10th Janurary 2023 ‘Claustrophobia, the fear that is all in your mind, not in a float tank’
8th November 2022 ‘Benefits for Pregnant Mamas when floating’
Floatober 2022 ‘Shoshana Leibner launches Floating Yoga at Water Temple’
Floatober 2022 ‘Breathwork in a Float tank’
Floatober 2022 ‘Float princess Shoshana Leibner on the history of float tanks’
13th September 2022 ‘Why men float’
12th July 2022 ‘Immunity and floating’
14th June 2022 ‘Why float more than once’
10th May 2022 ‘Benefits of sleep and floating’
8th March 2022 ‘Hydrotherapy vs Float Therapy’
8th February 2022 ‘Benefits of Topical Magnesium’
18th January 2022 ‘Exercise, self-care and floating’
9th December 2021 ‘Chat with Glenn Perry float pioneer’
9th November 2021 ‘Increasing your Serotonin’
19th October 2021 ‘Floating in Quiet Darkness with Shoshana Leibner’
12th October 2021 ‘Sleep routine and float therapy’
5th October 2021 ‘FAQ’
10th August 2021 ‘Sleep’
6th July 2021 ‘Disconnect’
11th May 2021 ‘Sleep, meditation and mindfulness’
15th April 2021 ‘Immunity and floatation therapy’
9th March 2021 ‘Skin health and magnesium benefits’
9th February 2021 ‘Heart health’
12th January 2021 ‘Exercise and floating for better sleep’
10th November 2020 ‘How floatation therapy enhances allied health’
20th October 2020 ‘Welcome back after COVID, claustrophobia’
8th September 2020 ‘Chronic stress and your health’
18th August 2020 ‘Magnesium the master mineral’
14th July 2020 ‘Relaxation and addiction’
13th May 2020 ‘The floatation industry’
Floatober 2019 ‘Sleep’
Floatober 2019 ‘Anxiety’
Floatober 2019 ‘Depression’
Floatober 2019 ‘Health 101’

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Jess Dempsy from Holistic Living TV talks to Dr. Mychelle about Floatation and Holistic Health.

Interview on OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Mychelle speaks about Floating for Health and Pain Relief with Carol O’Halloran on the Ch 31 TV show OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Interview on OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Mychelle speaks about how to Float your way to health & well-being with Carol O’Halloran on the Ch 31 TV show OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Interview on OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Mychelle speaks about Floating for Stress, Anxiety & Improved Sleep with Carol O’Halloran on the Ch 31 TV show OVER 50 SO WHAT!

Floating and Pregnancy

The Morning Blend

Interview on the SHTICK

Mychelle speaks with Henry Greener on the Channel 31 TV show the SHTICK

Steph Curry Commercial

NBA star Steph Curry Dominates the court and his Mind with floating

Float Away Anxiety

Dr. Justin Feinstein | Float Conference 2018

Floating and the immune system

Flux | Float Conference 2018

CBS America – Good Morning America

How sensory deprivation and floating impacts the brain CBS News

Should We Worry about Germs in Float Tanks?

Roy Vore | Float Conference 2018

Floating for Stress

Tactical Floatation: Helping U.S. Air Force Operators – Dr. Jerry Walker

Joe Rogan and Steph Curry Swear by It, Have You Tried It Yet?

Devotees claim it can be an answer for everything from hypertension to insomnia. Also linked to reduced anxiety, pain and addiction relief, improved sleep, and improvements with symptoms associated with burnout, but is it really true?

Floatation Therapy: Here’s what the science says.