1507, 2020

Benefits of Vitamin D

By |Floatation, Natural Health|

Today, there are many ways of restoring our health resulting in a better, and stronger version of you. Building resilience, staying strong both mentally and physically. Regular exercise, good quality [...]

1505, 2020

Dry Body Brushing

By |Natural Health|

Here at Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health we have taken a great deal of time in sourcing the best quality range of products for our clients and we want [...]

1205, 2020

Bentonite Clay & Salts

By |Natural Health|

What is Calcium Bentonite Clay & how can it help your health? Living Clay can be used both internally and externally (as directed by your practitioner) and has been known [...]

801, 2020

Thanks For Looking After Us

By |Floatation|

The Australian bushfires have devastated our nation, we share the pain and grieve together as one. It is inspiring to see how Australians rise up and help each other during these [...]

2910, 2019

Physical stress and floating

By |Floatation|

Pictured: Australian Paralympian, Don Elgin Image Credit: Floating is not the first thing we think about when we mention the word stress. Throughout Floatober, Water Temple has focused on [...]

2709, 2019

Floatober is coming

By |Floatation, News|

MEDIA RELEASE: Floatober expands awareness of floatation therapy as an important tool for relaxation. Simply by experiencing a float during October, businesses and individuals simultaneously raise funds in support of [...]

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