What should I bring?2021-03-23T11:22:46+11:00

You don’t need to bring anything as we provide you with a private room fitted with a shower, towels, shower products, ear plugs and make-up wipes. We also have an area with hair dryers.

What do I wear?2021-03-23T11:24:10+11:00

Remember you room is completely private and although in the images one sees on social media bathers/swimmers are worn, most people float naked. And who wants to take home salty bathers?

What are the differences between the rooms?2019-01-23T04:18:44+11:00

There are 6 rooms and all of them are identical.

What to avoid before floating?2021-03-23T11:25:20+11:00

We recommend you avoid:

  • Shaving right before coming in.
  • Colouring your hair within the past 7 days.
  • Applying skin tanning products within the past 7 days.
  • Caffeine & stimulants like tobacco and alcohol prior.
Can you float if you are menstruating?2021-03-23T11:25:54+11:00

Floating with your period is totally your choice.

Some women have no issues with playing sport or swimming, others would prefer to stay in bed as cramping and pain is an issue. Note that a women’s pH can affect her experience in a tank and may cause mild discomfort.

Most important is that you are respectful of the space you are using so wearing a clean menstrual cup or fresh tampon is required.

Can you float if you’re pregnant?2021-03-23T11:26:44+11:00

Yes, pregnant women can greatly benefit from floatation therapy, during all stages of pregnancy, from swollen ankles, anxiety, hypertension, back pain, cramping, and not finding a comfortable position to sleep in. The floatation tank is a calm and quiet environment, where women can finally experience deep relaxation and feel rest, where all stress is removed, mentally and physically. We believe floating is safe for all stages of pregnancy, but you may still wish to speak with your health care professional about floating before coming in for your sessions, just like you would before commencing any new activity. Yes, we allow pregnant women to float all the way though, up until 38 weeks.

Can you fall asleep in the pod?2021-03-23T11:27:13+11:00

Sometimes people fall asleep in the pod. If this happens you will continue to float normally, and music will awaken you in the last 5 minutes.

How is the water maintained?2019-01-23T04:15:08+11:00

The Dreampod comes well equipped with several features to maintain hygiene of the water. The main filter is a 10 micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survives the extreme salt content (600kg) of the water. After each session, the whole body of water cycles through a filtration system containing UV lamps and a micron filter 4-6 times. There is also a chlorine injection system. The water is also treated with a small amount of chlorine in line with health regulations. We regularly test and balance the water throughout the day.

What is the age limit?2021-03-23T11:27:41+11:00

You must be 12 years or over to float. And if under 16 will require parental consent and accompaniment.

What is the weight limit?2019-01-23T04:13:53+11:00

The pod has a maximum weight limit of 130kg.

How big is the pod?2019-01-23T04:12:56+11:00

The measurements inside of the pod are 2.27m long and 1.39m wide.

What if I’m claustrophobic?2021-03-23T11:28:03+11:00

While numerous people who suffer from claustrophobia have consistently reported no problems, rest assured that you have complete control over your environment. If you choose, you can keep the pod cover open and the interior lights on. Most people agree that being inside feels more like floating in space than feeling trapped in an enclosed area.

Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health and Utopia Healthcare COVID19 Safety Protocol2020-08-28T14:12:40+10:00

The following is our protocol which must be complied with by all clients and staff.


  • A “’Wellness Questionnaire” must be completed prior to commencement of any and all treatments.
  • All clients are to arrive wearing a face mask and must continue to wear a face mask whilst in the centre, unless there is medical clearance advising different.
  • All clients must use provided hand sanitiser upon entry and before consultation and prior to leaving the centre.
  • All clients must have their temperature checked at reception prior to consultation.
  • Any temperature taken indicating a fever of 38+ you will not be able to proceed to their scheduled appointment. Please note: In the interest of keeping everyone safe, there will be no exceptions to this policy.
  • Social Distancing must be maintained at all times of others whilst within the premises of 1.5m.
  • We politely ask all clients to keep all personal items such as handbags, mobile phones, wallets etc on their body and refrain from putting any items on the front desk or waiting area.
  • Credit Card payments are our preferred method of payment.
  • All Card facilities are disinfected after use.


  • Temperature check upon arrival at Water Temple and starting of shift.
  • Strict Hand hygiene to be practiced throughout the day and between patients.
  • Use always provided hospital grade hand sanitiser.
  • FaceMasks and/or protection to be worn at all times.
  • Every 2 hours, all desks, chairs, door handles, rails and pens to be wiped down. Regular cleaning as per COVID-19 Infection Control Government Guidelines.
  • All staff MUST complete the COVID-19 Infection Control Training Course provided by the Government for health care workers.


  • Social distancing measures and strict person capacity limits throughout the practice.
  • Disinfect equipment after individual use during and between sessions.
  • Treatment beds to be disinfected before and after use.
  • All items used/touched during the consultation to be cleaned after use.

For further information regarding COVID-19 and how we can assist you, please contact us either by email or call 03 8525 0162

Does floating help with relief of Migraines?2021-03-23T11:29:09+11:00

Migraines have several triggers, dehydration, bright lights, food sensitivities, hormones, changes in temperature, too much time on a computer.

All effect the blood flow to the brain, and a person’s ability to relax, both physically and mentally. Studies show that Floatation therapy or REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) allow the brain and body to deeply relax, this naturally shifts the brain wave patterns causing a release of endorphins (which are a group of hormones that act like natural pain killers). Giving time for the brain to regain equilibrium, floatation therapy also enables to body and brain to retrain how it managers ‘stress. Obviously, one float won’t cure your migraines but a course of sessions will certainly start changing how you brain deals with stress. call us to discuss in more detail.

How often should I Float?2021-03-23T11:29:37+11:00

One can float every day if you wants and there are a lucky few that do, especially if you are in training for a sporting competition or at the elite level of sport, so many good things happen all at once in a floatation tank. Recovery is so much faster.  But for the most of us we only have the time to do it weekly.  After the initial recommended 9-12 floats in a concentrated time frame enabling the body to reach the” Bliss” point, it will depend on you. The reasons why people float is as different as each float experience is.  People float before or after their counselling session, finding it helps with being calm and improves their ability to integrate the process. Those that are in chronic and acute pain have a float to help relax their muscles to improve adjustment outcomes.

Will my skin get wrinkly?2021-03-23T11:29:53+11:00

No. Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a medicinal treatment for various skin conditions. Floating in such a concentration of salts not only relaxes you, but hydrates your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. So it is a beauty bath in the truest sense of the word.

Does floatation therapy help in sports recovery?2021-03-23T11:30:18+11:00

Yes, Floatation therapy has gained many followers and it is widely used by professional athletes to help them relax, enhance performance, and recover from injuries. The sensory deprivation experience eliminates the effects that gravity has on the body, all tension is released from joints and muscles and any pressure place on the spine. The positive flow on for athletic performance is varied in sport, many athletes have reported increased mental focus, better performance, endurance and stamina, and of course faster physical recovery.

What about hair colour and spray tanning?2022-07-20T09:41:59+10:00

This would be one expensive float; the cost of draining the tank and refilling is over $600, so we recommend you leave at least 7 days after you have dyed your hair or no colour runs when you wash it. Spray tans can also discolour the tank water, so please wait 7-10 days before jumping in.

Is it Ok to shave or wax before a float?2022-07-20T09:42:53+10:00

There are about 600 kilograms of Epsom salt in a float tank, and like any form of salt, it can sting a freshly waxed or shaven body. However, Epsom salts can be used to heal skin conditions like psoriasis; the first 7-10 mins may sting; we provide single-use packets of petroleum jelly that act as a liquid bandage, ask at reception before you start your float session.

Why are you floating?2022-07-20T09:43:39+10:00

When booking your appointment, remember how good you felt after your last float; think about one of the benefits that you got.

Why are you floating? Is it because of your stressful job, a painful event in your family, or are you feeling anxiety with situations in your life? Or are you in physical pain?

Sometimes understanding what is happening in your life and having time to sit/float with those feelings enables you to view them differently. Floating helps give clarity, and you often get insights that only happen when you are deeply relaxed.

Why shower before and after floating?2022-07-20T09:44:11+10:00

Showering is an essential part of the ritual at Water Temple, especially before cleansing your skin with our skin spritz helps remove excess oils, balance the skin’s pH and start the relaxation process, enhancing the overall floating experience. Remember not to have a hot shower; skin temperature is ideal. Having a shower before a float is an important point that sets the float industry apart from hydrotherapy and other pool and spa centres. Using our skin spritz after your float also helps dissolve the Epsom salt solution before your second shower.

Can float therapy boost my memory?2022-07-20T09:45:09+10:00

Float therapy is excellent for students and professionals. You can record up to 50 minutes of your study notes on your mobile phone and listen to your playback during your float without distractions! This is a great way to help study for students, especially before exams. Professionals can also benefit when preparing for a job interview, presentation, or public speaking engagement.

Am I in control of my float therapy experience?2022-07-20T09:46:58+10:00

First-time floaters may have a few fears or anxieties about the experience; being naked can make you feel a little vulnerable or claustrophobic, but remember, the room is private and locked by you. You are in control of the lights and the lid, so if leaving the lights on and the lid fully open works, then great. A closed door and lights off enhance your sensory experience, but it is not required. We know that by your second or third float, you will want to close the lid and float in the quiet and darkness.

Does float therapy help with meditation, mindfulness and breathwork?2022-07-20T09:47:45+10:00

Floating is the easiest and fastest way to get to Theta (please Google the science about this), the relaxed, calm, peaceful state that all styles of mediation, mindfulness practices and breathwork talk about. There is nothing to distract you in the tank, and it is the best place to listen to your breath and observe your thoughts. So, combining them is the ultimate. It might take a few floats to start to feel more at ease if you are new to any of these practices or just spending time alone with your thoughts, so we recommend 5 -10 floats to hit that bliss point.

Can I float together with my partner or child?2022-07-20T09:49:20+10:00

The only time we recommend or allow this is when a child and parent float together to help a young person feel comfortable in the salty solutions, helping the child feel familiar with the unique environment before they start their journey.

Otherwise, floating is all about you and enhances your experience and sensory atonement. Give yourself the time to recharge and reconnect. If someone else is in the tank, you will feel and hear every breath, which impairs your ability to deeply relax and allow your brain to switch gears. Remember, you are here to reduce external sensory input. Since we are the largest float centre in the state, we can accommodate up to 6 people at any one time, so book in with your family or team.

Do I need to bring earplugs?2022-07-20T09:50:12+10:00

No, this is a personal preference. We supply disposable ones, and you can also purchase from a choice of 3 that we have available. We recommend the first few times you float that you use them, and once you are comfortable with the sensation, you can decide for yourself. Please know that our skin spritz is safe to spray in your ears and helps dissolve the salt from your float.

What is it like being inside a float tank at Water Temple?2022-07-20T09:50:44+10:00

People who float regularly will all have their own story, which is different for each person and each float; in general, because the salt solution is warmed to skin temperature, it is so dense that you float; it will be comfortable and relaxing. Because you are in a peaceful quiet space, you will naturally begin to feel a sense of calm, as there is nothing to disturb your senses, so people describe the experience as blissful and often lose the sense of time. Floating weightlessly is a unique experience and one that everyone can benefit from.


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