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Floating is a game-changer: without a doubt. And the game it changes is, ultimately, your life. And for the better. Now I admit that such a statement may sound a little exaggerated – if not hyperbolic – but after becoming a weekly floater six months ago, and quietly observing the positive changes in my life over that time, I feel I can stand by that melodramatic opening with confidence and even evidence. Floating does many things: some are really obvious and immediately felt; while others are more subtle, not initially seen, but no less important. I will endeavour to explain.

Even after one float you’ll feel deeply relaxed (better than the most memorable massage), your muscles will breathe a sigh of relief and slipping into sleep mode later that night will be so effortless. And that one float can also calm your mind, dial down the internal monologue of self-judgement and shut off all those negative cogitations to create some welcome mental space, so much so that often the worries you ‘take into the tank’ can dissolve during the float and become impossible to recall.

Now that’s just one float. What if you did more? Like a series, once a week. Well, if you did, be prepared for a little bit of magic. Something that is subdued, yes, but sneaks up on you eventually to show that the problems that once consumed you are no longer there; that your over-reactions to life events are now measured and relaxed responses; that substance-induced highs are no match for a natural surge of endorphins; that your relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbours are cordial and carefree; that your appreciation of the simple, enduring things in life (sunshine, flora and fauna) is heightened; that those hobbies you have always wanted to pursue have suddenly become weekly habits. And all those changes are cumulative and transformative. Best of all, the moment that you look up and realise they’re embedded in your life is a priceless one. Because those changes are here to stay.

Most of all, floating brings you back to your body; your body that could be a little neglected, a little overlooked; a body crying out (rightfully) for some attention, some down time and a bit of self-care. In this fast-moving world of ours, we are so over-stimulated: our minds are inundated with information and imagery for hours and hours on end, every day. We forget that our minds are housed in bodies that do their utmost to keep us going, but they cannot do that without some proper time-out. Floating provides that, without a doubt. Note rhyme and book a session!

Julian B

This year I found a wonderful new shiatsu practitioner Dr Mychelle Whitewood. I am always thrilled to meet engaging, intuitive healers and Mychelle is truly a diamond. I really appreciate the time Mychelle takes to know my entire being in a session, it goes beyond shiatsu. Oftentimes not only do I leave a session relaxed and cantered, I also walk away with a deeper sense of connected self. Mychelle has a natural intuitive ability to listen deeply and creates a true space for healing. We are very lucky to have such a wise and dedicated healer in Melbourne. The combination of a shiatsu session followed by a float session is incredibly soothing and restorative. I am so happy to of discovered the water temple and I highly recommend people visit to discover its many healing treasures.

Ingrid T

Floating helps me and my athletes perform at their best.

Your mind is clearer, your sleep is improved, and your digestion flows after floating. You feel like you can do that next workout sooner as recovery is enhanced and your body rejuvenated. We use floating often at the Australian Open.

Working with world class athletes and high performers across the globe, I need to be sharp and at my best. Floating provides a serenity and calmness that makes everything clearer. Floating is a great complement to my treatments allowing the muscles and joints to move freely.

Take a float today to rejuvenate your body and mind. Your body will thank you for it.

Dr Luke Fuller – Physiotherapist & Osteopath
Trusted by the World’s best Athletes.
Ace Sports Clinic – Melbourne & Toronto

Floatation therapy at Water Temple Floatation Therapy Centre has been a real journey. It has provided a sanctuary, safe from all distractions. A chance to finally rest, find space, clarity, answers, and healing. My favourite is 90 minutes of bliss, especially dedicated to myself, when nothing else matters and the whole world fades away. I can truly take a moment to stop and listen to my breathing. I finally notice if I am holding tension in my body and I am also forced to truly hear the messages that my body is gently whispering to me.

It is a complete mind and body overhaul. Every time I exit the tank I feel completely different. There have been times that I have finished a float and felt extremely energised like I could run a marathon!
Floatation has also given me the opportunity to slow down a busy mind. Experiencing zero gravity means that my brain can take a rest from having to continually work to perceive where I am in space. Then just like magic, all of that brain processing and energy can instead go into rejuvenation, healing and recovery. Float therapy helps me with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), with helping my body to work optimally and to help me to be the best version of myself. There is nothing more important in your life than your health. Absolutely, nothing.

Float therapy is sacred, a space where time stands still, a soothing, calming and settling practise. In my experience it has taken time and repetition to truly reap all of the benefits of floatation therapy. The first experience was one purely of discovery, although all concerns of claustrophobia disappeared in an instance. But, with each float the experience became better and something I look forward to, to simply discover what might happen the next time!

I choose Water Temple Floatation Therapy centre as Melbourne’s superior centre. It is incredibly clean, everything is taken care of and provided, right down to shampoo, hairbrushes and magnesium moisturiser! The centre offers way more than float therapy with all of your health care needs taken care of by a team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about your long-term health. If you are serious about really making a difference to your health and aging well, including regular floatation in your routine is a brilliant investment.

Leonie Tilley

I have been floating at the Water Temple for the past 4 year at least once a week the benefits to my mental clarity and stress levels are fantastic.  I have found when I’m able to  float  twice or three times a week the healing benefits  to my body and mind  help  me continue to grow and to live a healthier lifestyle.

I also have been receiving Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments from Dr Mychelle for the past 4 years for many situations I have found my life has travelled through during this time. Dr Mychelle always takes the time to listen to what I have to say and then guides me with her thought provoking words before my treatments. I always come away with a renewed look to improve and help situations dealing with my health and or lifestyle.  The combination of floating and TCM have been a lifesaver for me. I can honestly say I am not quite sure where I would be today with my mental health and wellbeing if I had not found Dr Mychelle.

I highly recommend the Water Temple  and Dr Mychelle  to support you on your journey to a more relaxed and fulfilling life. I am forever grateful and appreciative of you help and support. I have always found the staff to be very welcoming and helpful with any enquires I or other members of the public and each other have.

I am sensitive to different smells and I have never been offended by the smell in any area of the Water Temple. The reception area, all float tank rooms and the amenities for public use are always clean and ready for use. All  areas are well signed and the instruction on the back of the door in the float rooms are informative.

Debbie Row