This is designed for new guests wishing to understand and experience the world of floatation therapy.

You will be welcomed with a pre-float consultation where we guide you through the benefits and provide an understanding of what to expect.

1 x 60 Min – Float $69
(SAVE $20)


Floatation therapy is a holistic approach, free from external stimuli to benefit your overall health and wellbeing.
It is one of the few therapies to allow the whole person the space and time to reset the body’s natural circadian rhythm. This is great for shift workers, jetlag or frequent flyers.


1 x 60 Mins $89


If you’ve already started to research floatation therapy, you’re likely aware that it offers a seemingly never-ending list of health benefits.
A deeper meditative state is obtained and making it easier to achieve deep relaxation and a sense of peace and calm.

1 x 90 Mins $109
(SAVE $15)


Created to introduce the mind and body to a new level of relaxation. It often takes the brain a few floats to let go of stress and truly begin to experience change and reset.
We recommend you start with booking three sessions within a 2-week period. This is a gift of self-care or can be a thoughtful gift for someone you love.


3 x 60 Min Floats $177 – $59 per float
(Save $90)


If you have decided to explore the benefits of floatation therapy over a medium period, with a view to understand and experience the deep relaxation and regeneration of your self-healing mechanism, this is the perfect journey to facilitate the better evaluation of the treatment.

* Float sessions are transferable

5 x 60 minutes $325
(SAVE $120)


The ultra-deep relaxation of floating resets the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, strengthening resistance to and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury, or strenuous exercise.
Regular floats guarantee achieving the relaxed, meditative state more efficiently and effectively.
Weekly floating recommended.
* Float sessions are transferable

10 x 60 Min Floats $620
(SAVE $270)

Please see list of all float packages available

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Name Time Cost Savings
Virgin 1 x 60 mins $ 69*   Book Now $20
Refresh 1 x 60 mins $89   Book Now
Revitalise 1 x 90 mins $109   Book Now $15
Self-Heal 1 x 120 mins $129   Book Now $40
Balance 3 x 60 mins $177*   Purchase $90
Rejuvenation 5 x 60 mins $325   Purchase $120
Harmony 10 x 60 mins $620**  Purchase $270
Monthly Floater 6 months 6 x 60 mins  $354 Purchase $180
Monthly Floater 12 months 12 x 60 mins $708  Purchase $360
Weekly Floater 3 months 13 x 60 mins $637  Purchase $520
Weekly Floater 6 months 26 x 60 mins $1274  Purchase $1040
Weekly Floater 12 months  52 x 60 mins $2548 Purchase $2080
Sanctuary Experience ~ Massage & Float 110 mins $194***

* These offers are one time only and not transferrable
** Includes FREE 30 Minute Consultation with Dr Mychelle
*** Booking for this option must be made by phone

As a courtesy to all our guests, a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to. Treatments that begin late will still finish at the appointed time, so not to inconvenience other guests. Please allow plenty of time to get to your appointment where you can relax before the treatment. On completion of the treatment, your therapist will leave you to re-awaken to the world and advise you on any homecare advice they believe will enhance the benefits of your treatment.

Please note it is important to drink plenty of water after the treatment and to avoid caffeine-based drinks and alcohol to ensure you receive the full benefits.