3 x 60-minute Floats $175

Save $122

If you have decided to explore the benefits of floating, Balance is a short introduction to what regular floating can do.
This is an introductory price only and is non-shareable.

Short Journey

3 x 60-minute Floats $210

Save $87

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This gives you the flexibility of sharing your float experience with a friend or two.

People love to talk about their experiences after a float. Each float is as unique as you.

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5 x 60-minute Floats $325

Save $170

If you have decided to dedicate more time to floating, Rejuvenation offers 5 x 60-minute sessions to explore the potential benefits of regular floating.


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10 x 60-minute Floats $640

Save $350

Experience harmony with 10 x 60-minute floats. Adding floating into your weekly routine can improve your overall wellbeing. This is the best retreat without leaving town. No membership commitments and great savings.


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