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15 04, 2020

The Benefits of Zinc for Wellness and Immunity


Zinc is another mineral (apart from Magnesium) that is vital for our body’s ability to function well and of which is not produced or stored in the body. Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral after Iron and is present in every one of our amazing cells so yes, we need a constant [...]

The Benefits of Zinc for Wellness and Immunity2022-03-01T12:51:24+11:00
12 03, 2020

Water Temple Floatation COVID-19 Update


Water Temple’s community health and wellness is a high priority of ours and we take great pride in ensuring our centre is clean and safe. We have been and will continue to stay up to date on the Coronavirus. Here is a link to the Australian Government website which is updated daily. “The [...]

Water Temple Floatation COVID-19 Update2022-03-01T12:52:48+11:00
4 02, 2020

What’s all the racquet about floating? Novak Djokovic tells us!


The world NO. 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, uses floatation therapy to stay on top of his game. Water Temple Floatation Centre in High Street Armadale Melbourne are excited and proud to have been a part of the support team that helped Novak  achieve even more greatness by securing an eighth Australian Open title [...]

What’s all the racquet about floating? Novak Djokovic tells us!2022-03-01T12:57:06+11:00
8 01, 2020

To all first responders – Thanks For Looking After Us!


The Australian bushfires have devastated our nation, we share the pain and grieve together as one. It is inspiring to see how Australians rise up and help each other during these challenging times. Our firefighters and other emergency service workers have been doing an amazing job. And to say thank you for looking after us, [...]

To all first responders – Thanks For Looking After Us!2022-03-01T13:00:16+11:00
29 10, 2019

Physical stress and float therapy


Pictured: Australian Paralympian, Don Elgin Image Credit: Floating is not the first thing we think about when we mention the word stress. Throughout Floatober, Water Temple has focused on mental and emotional stress. Physical stress has an effect on the hormones and how we feel. The stress and strain from muscular workout or [...]

Physical stress and float therapy2022-03-01T13:08:52+11:00
22 10, 2019

Health 101 and Floatation Therapy


The 3 main pillars of Health are good quality sleep, healthy eating habits and exercise. Floatation Therapy can and does help with all three. Magnesium is crucial to your body For your system to function optimally, it needs Magnesium in any of its forms; internally via food, powder, capsules or liquid, and externally, by [...]

Health 101 and Floatation Therapy2022-03-01T13:09:50+11:00
20 11, 2017

Reduce Stress with Float therapy


Stress Reduction, Increase in Stress Tolerance Floaters across the world agree that floating is one of the most effective means today of reducing stress. The Australian Institute of Sports, for example, has been using floatation for stress management very successfully for years. Scientific research shows that deep relaxation has a lasting effect by accelerating [...]

Reduce Stress with Float therapy2022-03-01T15:36:21+11:00
20 11, 2017

Benefits of Floating for Fibromyalgia Sufferers


About Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterised by chronic widespread pain through the muscles and bones. It causes a constant dull ache and can arise erratically at any time. Along with a heightened sensitivity to pain, other symptoms include chronic tiredness, issues sleeping, memory loss and anxiety. It will affect up to 2% [...]

Benefits of Floating for Fibromyalgia Sufferers2022-03-01T15:42:11+11:00


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