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4 02, 2021

How Floating can benefit both your heart and mind


The goal of Chinese Medicine is to achieve Balance and Harmony, and Western Medicine focus’s on Homeostasis. At Water Temple Floatation and Holistic health, we use the combination of Chinese medicine and floatation therapy to create this balance and overall sense of well-being. In Chinese Medicine theory there are 5 elements; our heart is [...]

How Floating can benefit both your heart and mind2022-03-01T12:35:27+11:00
5 10, 2020

SAFETY FIRST: Ever wonder how we clean our pods?


How we care for our float pods and clean our water is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Water Temple Floatation and Holistic Health. We have a number of processes in place so that our pods are continuously and thoroughly maintained to ensure the quality of our water is always [...]

SAFETY FIRST: Ever wonder how we clean our pods?2022-03-01T12:37:19+11:00
17 08, 2020

Magnesium – The Master of Minerals


Water Temple Floatation and Holistic Health is all about magnesium which we believe is the master mineral. We understand how to help you get the best quality magnesium into your body either externally or internally. We have sourced a range of products from around Australia and overseas giving you some great options in how [...]

Magnesium – The Master of Minerals2022-03-01T12:39:26+11:00
15 07, 2020

Benefits of Vitamin D


Today, there are many ways of restoring our health resulting in a better, and stronger version of you. Building resilience, staying strong both mentally and physically. Regular exercise, good quality sleep, and a balanced diet have all been talked about, researched, and marketed to us all. Inflammation is a critical part of understanding early [...]

Benefits of Vitamin D2022-03-01T12:40:15+11:00
9 06, 2020

What COVID-19 has taught us about isolation


What has the COVID-19 isolation taught you? How did you handle the stress, anxiety or fear, all of which came to us all so unexpectedly? How are we all going to handle the “new normal” moving forward as we re-open business, school, and social spaces? During quiet times, we often have feelings and emotions [...]

What COVID-19 has taught us about isolation2022-03-01T12:41:24+11:00
15 05, 2020

Dry Body Brushing


Here at Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health we have taken a great deal of time in sourcing the best quality range of products for our clients and we want to share with you all the health benefits of “Dry Body Brushing”.  We've recently partnered with “Bodecare” who supply us with all our Vegan [...]

Dry Body Brushing2022-03-01T12:43:52+11:00
12 05, 2020

Bentonite Clay & Salts


What is Calcium Bentonite Clay & how can it help your health? Living Clay can be used both internally and externally (as directed by your practitioner) and has been known to have multiple benefits for your overall good health. External Uses Calcium Bentonite Clay is used by some of the most exclusive Spas & [...]

Bentonite Clay & Salts2022-03-01T12:47:50+11:00
8 05, 2020

Breathwork for the Mind, Body & Spirit


Breathwork is a term to describe a breathing exercise to promote improved mental, physical and spiritual health through the focus and control of your breath. The following techniques are tools to help with transformation and healing and can be used to relieve mental, physical, and/or emotional tension. By learning this simple technique, you will [...]

Breathwork for the Mind, Body & Spirit2022-03-01T12:48:43+11:00
15 04, 2020

The Benefits of Zinc for Wellness and Immunity


Zinc is another mineral (apart from Magnesium) that is vital for our body’s ability to function well and of which is not produced or stored in the body. Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral after Iron and is present in every one of our amazing cells so yes, we need a constant [...]

The Benefits of Zinc for Wellness and Immunity2022-03-01T12:51:24+11:00
12 03, 2020

Water Temple Floatation COVID-19 Update


Water Temple’s community health and wellness is a high priority of ours and we take great pride in ensuring our centre is clean and safe. We have been and will continue to stay up to date on the Coronavirus. Here is a link to the Australian Government website which is updated daily. https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert “The [...]

Water Temple Floatation COVID-19 Update2022-03-01T12:52:48+11:00


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