Did you know that floating regularly has a compound effect?

This means that the more you float, the more your mind, body and spirit benefit. Benefits, such as achieving the relaxed, meditative state occur more efficiently and effectively.

Our float packages are already priced so that you save significantly when you purchase 3, 5 or 10 floats at once.

Dedicated Floater

The ultra-deep relaxation of floating ?resets ?the body?s hormonal and metabolic balance, strengthening resistance to and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury, or strenuous exercise.

Regular floats guarantee achieving the relaxed, meditative state more efficiently and effectively.

This float package guarantees that the benefits of Floatation Therapy are enjoyed with substantial savings.

10 x 60 Min Floats $590
(SAVE $200)

Resolute Floater

If you have decided to explore the benefits of floatation therapy over a medium period, with a view to understand and experience the deep relaxation and regeneration of your self-healing mechanism, this is the perfect journey to facilitate the better evaluation of the treatment.

5 x 60 Min Floats? $325
(Save $70)

Short Float Journey

This package allows you to experience Floatation Therapy in a short and succinct manner and can be tailored to be over a short period, and in a more intense and focused effort.

Good package to provide an energetic boost to your self-healing mechanism, when required.

3 x 60 Min Floats $195
(SAVE $42)