Benefits: Sleep is one of the most important things one can do for their health and wellbeing. So we have created our Love your Sleep Pack to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. Containing our specially formulated bath Infusion Relax with Lavender essential oil and shell essence, your whole body with begin to unwind as you soak in a bath or even soak your feet, whilst your skin absorbs Magnesium which is essential for a good night’s sleep, helping to calm your nervous system and relax and reduce built-up tension from your day.
Our sleep mist contains only pure organic essential oils and can be sprayed in the air or on your pillow helping to ground and balance you. emotionally just before your drift off to sleep.
Our Magnesium oil is great to use after your bath or foot soak and it is best sprayed onto your feet and gently rubbed in.

Uses:  Make it easy to fall asleep with this nightly ritual, soak your body or just your feet, with our bath infusion, disconnect from technology.  Then massage a small amount of magnesium spray 1 pump is enough onto the soles of your feet and massage in. Spray the sleep mist onto your pillow as you jump into bed each night. Awaken refreshed and ready for a great day.  We know it will make it easier to fall asleep, improve the quality of your sleep and, help you awaken more refreshed and ready for a great day.

Items included in pack: 350g Health Solutions 101 Bath Infusion Relax, Health Solutions 101 Sleep Mist, Health Solutions 101 Magnesium Oil, Silk Sleep Mask.