Benefits: We often forget the importance of our feet, so we have put together this package with them in mind. A perfect gift for a loved one or yourself, this will not only benefit your feet but your whole body.  Our specially created foot cream will leave your feet and skin soft supple and rejuvenated helping balance muscles and meridians in feet, ankles and legs. Reflexology has many health benefits including improving circulation, nerve function and brainpower.

Uses: We recommend this self-care ritual be done weekly. Start with soaking your feet in our Bath infusion blend, grab a glass of wine or herbal tea, while you relax and the Infusion softens the skin on the soles of your feet so you can gently rub the dead skin off with the pumice stone. Pat dry your feet before gently massaging the foot cream into balance muscles and meridians in the feet, ankles and legs.  You will feel calmer, recharged and your aches and pains will dissolve away.  Great to do with a partner to share your self-care ritual and the benefits. We know it will improve your sleep quality, reduce muscular tension, aches, pains, spasms and cramps. Improve your foot health and promote healing.

Items included in pack:  350gm Revitalise Bath infusion, pumice stone, 50ml foot cream, 60ml magnesium spray