Benefits: We all love to look good, and this love your face pack has been created for you or a loved one to do just that. It’s essential to rehydrate yourself with a glass of water and adding Salt Sole will help flush toxins and add vital minerals to your cells. Removing dead skin with this wonderfully soft-bristle face brush will also improve blood flow and give you an immediate glow to your complexion. Our clay mask will clear away all impurities and leave your face looking radiant. Using Reu28 will aid in rejuvenating your skin and reducing fine lines.

Uses:  Our skin health reflects our internal health, we need to stay hydrated, by drinking enough water and by adding our salt sole each morning you are adding vital minerals to help produce healthy cells and aid in removing toxins. A daily dose of Barley Grass, rich in antioxidants that help remove free radicals, and nourish cellular health, give your skin a great start to the day. Regular dry skin brushing of your face helps to stimulate collagen and improve blood flow.  A weekly Bentonite clay mask benefits your skins cells keeping them healthy and hydrated. Renu 28 feeds the skin from the outside reducing fine lines.  Feeling good, always makes you look good.

Items included in pack: Jute Face Brush, 30gm bentonite clay, Barley Grass 50 gms, small tube of Renu28, 25ml Salt sole, 50ml Tea Tree Oil. .