Benefits: Achieve soft glowing skin on your face every day by dry brushing with this beautifully soft plant bristle brush, this brush exfoliates better than a facial scrub and will last you a long time. Suitable for normal to dry skin, mature skin, topical eczema, psoriasis and those who suffer from open pores. It will gently exfoliate dead surface skin, stimulate circulation in your face and drain away any congestion around the eyes, nose and neck, leaving your skin looking smooth and vibrant.

Uses: Use small circular brush strokes, ending the stroke towards the lymph nodes. Avoid brushing directly over the eyelids, start along the jawline, over the chin, above the lips, cheeks, ears, side of nose, temples and forehead. Finish along the nose and up the forehead between the eyes. For smooth vibrant skin.

Ingredients: Jute bristle, especially designed for delicate skin.