Moxibustion – Enhance your immune system

Moxibustion is the practice of burning a herb on or close to the body in order to generate specific therapeutic effects.  The herb is called Artemesia Vulgaris, commonly known as Mugwort and has been cultivated in both China and Japan for many centuries.

Moxibustion treatment can be applied in a wide variety of ways, either directly or indirectly. With direct moxibustion a cone of moxa punk is rolled or moulded and placed on the skin. The cone is lit at the top and burns down slowly allowing a gradual increased penetration of heat through the skin. When the patient feels the heat intensifying, the practitioner will then remove the cone.

The fundamental principle involved in moxibustion treatment is the promotion of blood circulation and to warm and move any form of cold or pain in the body. This is a very popular therapy in our Melbourne clinic.

The increase of blood flow automatically enhances the vitality of the local tissues because the blood brings more nourishment and oxygen to the cells. Moxibustion therapy has an immune enhancing effect and the body responds to the stimulus by increasing the vitality of the local tissues. This simple, local principle is further enhanced by the ability of moxibustion to affect not only distal areas but also specific functional systems of the body, in other words the organ systems and the meridian of Chinese Medicine Theory.

As a therapy combined with the full perspective of Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is regarded in some schools as being of equal or even greater value to the use of acupuncture needling. Its ability to tonify or nourish the internal organs, via the channels and points on the surface of the body, certainly makes it an invaluable enhancement for the immune system and defender against disease

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