mindfulness breathing floating

Floatation Therapy is a transformative experience that involves immersing oneself in a tank filled with a silky rich magnesium solution. Floating helps to increase your self-awareness. Only in a float tank can you experience this level of mindfulness, free from distraction of the outside world. Take a moment to breath in with us. Listen, to your breath, feel the belly filling with air, the lungs expanding on your inhalation. Hold for a moment before you slowly exhale and feel the tension shifting, the pain reducing as you release and soften into the present moment.

Mindfulness is the practice of observing what is going on in and around you, how you are feeling, thinking, and reacting to any given situation. Mindfulness can provide many benefits. The simple act of observing your breathing, one can also observe one’s thoughts and feelings. Floating is the ideal environment to just be, it may take a few sessions for the brain to fully relax in this environment and new experience, you may even fall asleep, but with practice amazing things begin to transpire.

mindfulness breathing

Floating is the most unique experience on the planet, and by eliminating external distractions such as light, sound, and gravity, you can more easily observe your inner world and 5 senses. In the float tank, one becomes more attuned to one’s breath, heartbeat, and the sensations of the body, leading to a profound effect on the nervous system shifting from sympathetic to parasympathetic. This helps you to recognize areas of tension, stress, or discomfort, allowing for intentional release and relaxation. You effortlessly shift into a calm and peaceful state.

Floating is a holistic experience that nurtures not only your body but also your mind and soul. We provide a sanctuary for self-discovery and inner growth and enhancing overall well-being. This serene environment encourages a meditative state, promoting deep concentration and mindfulness, by simply observing your thoughts are they come. This practice provides you with practical tools you can utilize throughout your daily life.

mindfulness floating

Incorporate floating into your routine to experience the long-term health benefits of this blissful therapy. Whether it’s a weekly session or a monthly reset, consistent floating allows you to maintain a heightened sense of self-awareness and reap the rewards of internal connection and best of all, your own self-healing.

If you haven’t tried float therapy before, now is the time to come and try this unique therapy and start your self-healing journey