We all float for different reasons, but one common goal is to achieve a deeply relaxed, meditative state. This happens when our brain reaches the more desirable lower brain wave frequencies known as Alpha, Theta and Delta.

To first understand how we can enter this state of calm, let’s look at the different frequencies and what they mean. Simply put, your brain uses chemical and electrical signals to communicate with your nerves. These signals, or brain waves, travel at different frequencies, depending on how active your mind is at the time. When you’re awake, you usually function on the much higher frequency Beta waves.

Sensory deprivation aims to shift your brain to the much calmer Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies. When experiencing these brain waves, your state of mind is altered, and you achieve a sense of deep relaxation and regeneration.

The Beta state is the most common for our everyday lives. This is the high-functioning state in which we achieve most of our daily tasks. We spend a significant portion of our lives at this frequency, and while is it essential to our productivity, the stimulation we experience can begin to strain our senses.

Alpha is known as the daydream wavelength. It allows us to be more aware of our senses, but still not entirely meditative. The Alpha state can be helpful for managing stress, soothing anxiety and unlocking creative potential.

The desirable outcome from R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) is to reach the brain’s most elusive state, Theta. At this frequency, you tend to drift in and out of consciousness, giving your mind the opportunity to explore more creatively, leading to personal growth, while healing both mentally and physically. Most people hope to achieve this state during meditation and floating allows you to do so almost effortlessly.

Delta brainwaves are referred to most commonly as the ultimate serenity. With Delta, you benefit from the restorative and rejuvenating aspects of deep sleep, while regulating sleeping patterns.

Through floatation therapy, you have the power to influence your brain and unlock your potential. To learn more and experience it for yourself, book your session today.