The 3 main pillars of Health are good quality sleep, healthy eating habits and exercise.

Floatation Therapy can and does help with all three.

Magnesium is crucial to your body

For your system to function optimally, it needs Magnesium in any of its forms; internally via food, powder, capsules or liquid, and externally, by floating in one of our dream pods with the dense concentration of magnesium sulphate. You can also rub on magnesium chloride in the spray, oil or gel. I recommend to everyone that they do this at least twice a day. Only a small amount is needed.

Over 500 enzymatic functions in the body require magnesium, from the electrical pulse in the heartbeat, to the neurons firing in the brain.

When we think of magnesium, we most often think of it for muscular relaxation and to stop cramping in our muscles, but it does so much more. We forget that when swimming in the sea, we are swimming in magnesium chloride.

Magnesium helps with hydrating the cells. When our cells are hydrated, they are happy and do their job of flushing away waste and toxins.

We need a balanced diet to function at our best

There are other minerals and vitamins that the body requires which is why a balanced diet is vital. Fresh vegetables and fruits are important. I’m not going down the path of exploring vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, keto, paleo or the myriad of diet styles that are shouting out for us to follow. However, we must notice our body types and eat what gives us the most fuel and energizes us, as long as it is nutritionally balanced and has lots of colour.

I have a great respect for the Chinese theory on diet, having practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 25 years, where rice is a staple with lots of vegetables and a small amount of protein.

As mentioned in a previous blog on Sleep, floating helps with relaxing the body and mind. Not only do people feel more relaxed, but also this has a domino effect on sleep depth and quality. Science hasn’t done enough research to fully understand sleep and its role in the function of the body. They do know that it is vitally important for health and life.

When the mind and body are in a meditative state, the brain moves into the Theta state thereby expanding one’s consciousness and awareness beyond what is normal.

The right hemisphere of the brain gets activated increasing creativity, imagination, emotional expression and the ability to see the whole picture, giving the left hemisphere a well needed rest from constantly taking in and processing information. So, fundamentally one is improving communication all round.

Exercise for happiness

Although not everyone enjoys exercise, there are many benefits to be had from some sort of exercise routine, helping improve one’s mood, the happy hormones that are released during physical activity and as most sports are shared, connecting with others has benefits.

The Cardio system benefits due to more blood pumping throughout the system. This also helps with peripheral circulation. So, if you suffer from cold hands and feet, get up and skip rope for 5 minutes. This extends breathing and the increases the oxygen that needs to circulate through the blood stream.

Floating really shines for the sports lovers, as the benefits of Magnesium in reducing the lactic build up that is often associated with stiff, sore muscles, is well documented.

Floatation therapy also has the added benefit for the elite athletes that use REST to visualise and focus on how they want to play, become better connected to their muscles and skeletal system and engage with a greater awareness of everything.

So, make Float Therapy apart of your life be that weekly or monthly, or for the lucky, daily, and reap the rewards as your body shines again, and you mange life with more ease.

By Dr Mychelle Whitewood (TCM)

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