Gua Sha – Release tension and boost blood circulation

Gua Sha massage is an effective treatment we use regularly at our Melbourne clinic. Gua Shua is the name of the instrument that is used during the treatment. The term “Gua” means “scraping”, “sha” is the term used to describe the millet-like redness that may occur after the treatment that has been carried out.

This therapy can be performed on its own or it can be used in conjunction with another form of massage. Another name for this therapy is “spooning”. The most common scraping instrument that is used is a buffalo horn, which has a very smooth comb-like shape – without the teeth.

The Gua Sha, or instrument, is used because the hands alone may not be enough to dispel heat, increase oxygen to the area, and stimulate blood flow in the way that a Gua Sha massage can.

Raising ‘Sha’ promotes normal circulation removing congestion in the surface tissues, so the person who is receiving Gua Sha therapy will experiences immediate relief from pain, stiffness, fever, chill, as well as mental stress too (for relaxation). The Gua sha tool is often used in facial massage for improving collagen in the area, smoothing lines and over all wellbeing.

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