MEDIA RELEASE: Floatober expands awareness of floatation therapy as an important tool for relaxation.

Simply by experiencing a float during October, businesses and individuals simultaneously raise funds in support of mental health. This year we proudly support SANE Australia.

About Floatation Therapy

Floating is a trending therapy, popular due its relaxation and health benefits. The simple act of floating in a pod filled with Epsom salts reduces sensory input into the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation.

Dr Justin Feinstein is a leading clinical researcher, whose work suggests that Floatation-REST may be a promising technique for transiently reducing the suffering in those with anxiety and depression.

What’s happening in Floatober?

During the entire month of October, Water Temple Floatation Therapy aims to raise $4000 dollars by donating $20 from each 1-hour float session to SANE Australia. Participants can help us reach our goal by booking 1 single float, a 4-float challenge or a team float. Simply by experiencing the benefits, this simultaneously raises money for the important work of SANE Australia.

  1. Weekly mental health themes of Sleep, Anxiety,Depression and Health101 will become our focus.
  2. Timmy Byrne of Kiss FM interviews our very own Dr Mychelle Whitewood discussing the weekly themes.

For live stream visit: or Kiss FM Radio 87.6 & 87.8 FM Melbourne.

  1. Water Temple will hold “Open Saturdays” between 9-11 am, inviting people to learn about floating, view a pod up close and talk with our knowledgeable staff.
  2. See Event Calendar for up-to-date events

Water Temple is an isle of calm and a place of rest. Awarded Best International Float Service for our service excellence, our centre houses 6 modern dream pods in private rooms complete with amenities and toiletries. Our Temple Guardians are caring and knowledgeable. Our sanctuary is calm, safe and healing. In addition, our in-house Dr Mychelle Whitewood provides Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Massage and Acupuncture services.

Floating is simple. Just step into one of our dream pods, lie back and feel the tension release. After your float, enjoy a cup of herbal tea and a chat with one of our Temple Guardians. Enter the rest of your day feeling calm and clear-headed or prepared for a beautiful deep sleep.

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