23 03, 2021

Does floatation therapy help in sports recovery?


Yes, Floatation therapy has gained many followers and it is widely used by professional athletes to help them relax, enhance performance, and recover from injuries. The sensory deprivation experience eliminates the effects that gravity has on the body, all tension is released from joints and muscles and any pressure place on the spine. The positive [...]

Does floatation therapy help in sports recovery?2021-03-23T11:30:18+11:00
23 03, 2021

Will my skin get wrinkly?


No. Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a medicinal treatment for various skin conditions. Floating in such a concentration of salts not only relaxes you, but hydrates your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. So it is a beauty bath in the truest sense of the word.

Will my skin get wrinkly?2021-03-23T11:29:53+11:00
23 03, 2021

How often should I Float?


One can float every day if you wants and there are a lucky few that do, especially if you are in training for a sporting competition or at the elite level of sport, so many good things happen all at once in a floatation tank. Recovery is so much faster.  But for the most of [...]

How often should I Float?2021-03-23T11:29:37+11:00
23 03, 2021

Does floating help with relief of Migraines?


Migraines have several triggers, dehydration, bright lights, food sensitivities, hormones, changes in temperature, too much time on a computer. All effect the blood flow to the brain, and a person’s ability to relax, both physically and mentally. Studies show that Floatation therapy or REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) allow the brain and body to deeply [...]

Does floating help with relief of Migraines?2021-03-23T11:29:09+11:00
28 08, 2020

Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health and Utopia Healthcare COVID19 Safety Protocol


The following is our protocol which must be complied with by all clients and staff. ALL CLIENTS AND VISITORS A “'Wellness Questionnaire” must be completed prior to commencement of any and all treatments. All clients are to arrive wearing a face mask and must continue to wear a face mask whilst in the centre, unless [...]

Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health and Utopia Healthcare COVID19 Safety Protocol2020-08-28T14:12:40+10:00
31 07, 2018

What if I’m claustrophobic?


While numerous people who suffer from claustrophobia have consistently reported no problems, rest assured that you have complete control over your environment. If you choose, you can keep the pod cover open and the interior lights on. Most people agree that being inside feels more like floating in space than feeling trapped in an enclosed [...]

What if I’m claustrophobic?2021-03-23T11:28:03+11:00
31 07, 2018

How big is the pod?


The measurements inside of the pod are 2.27m long and 1.39m wide.

How big is the pod?2019-01-23T04:12:56+11:00
31 07, 2018

What is the age limit?


You must be 12 years or over to float. And if under 16 will require parental consent and accompaniment.

What is the age limit?2021-03-23T11:27:41+11:00
31 07, 2018

How is the water maintained?


The Dreampod comes well equipped with several features to maintain hygiene of the water. The main filter is a 10 micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of [...]

How is the water maintained?2019-01-23T04:15:08+11:00


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