20 07, 2022

What is it like being inside a float tank at Water Temple?


People who float regularly will all have their own story, which is different for each person and each float; in general, because the salt solution is warmed to skin temperature, it is so dense that you float; it will be comfortable and relaxing. Because you are in a peaceful quiet space, you will naturally begin [...]

What is it like being inside a float tank at Water Temple?2022-07-20T09:50:44+10:00
20 07, 2022

Do I need to bring earplugs?


No, this is a personal preference. We supply disposable ones, and you can also purchase from a choice of 3 that we have available. We recommend the first few times you float that you use them, and once you are comfortable with the sensation, you can decide for yourself. Please know that our skin spritz [...]

Do I need to bring earplugs?2022-07-20T09:50:12+10:00
20 07, 2022

Can I float together with my partner or child?


The only time we recommend or allow this is when a child and parent float together to help a young person feel comfortable in the salty solutions, helping the child feel familiar with the unique environment before they start their journey. Otherwise, floating is all about you and enhances your experience and sensory atonement. Give [...]

Can I float together with my partner or child?2022-07-20T09:49:20+10:00
20 07, 2022

Does float therapy help with meditation, mindfulness and breathwork?


Floating is the easiest and fastest way to get to Theta (please Google the science about this), the relaxed, calm, peaceful state that all styles of mediation, mindfulness practices and breathwork talk about. There is nothing to distract you in the tank, and it is the best place to listen to your breath and observe [...]

Does float therapy help with meditation, mindfulness and breathwork?2022-07-20T09:47:45+10:00
20 07, 2022

Am I in control of my float therapy experience?


First-time floaters may have a few fears or anxieties about the experience; being naked can make you feel a little vulnerable or claustrophobic, but remember, the room is private and locked by you. You are in control of the lights and the lid, so if leaving the lights on and the lid fully open works, [...]

Am I in control of my float therapy experience?2022-07-20T09:46:58+10:00
20 07, 2022

Can float therapy boost my memory?


Float therapy is excellent for students and professionals. You can record up to 50 minutes of your study notes on your mobile phone and listen to your playback during your float without distractions! This is a great way to help study for students, especially before exams. Professionals can also benefit when preparing for a job [...]

Can float therapy boost my memory?2022-07-20T09:45:09+10:00
20 07, 2022

Why shower before and after floating?


Showering is an essential part of the ritual at Water Temple, especially before cleansing your skin with our skin spritz helps remove excess oils, balance the skin’s pH and start the relaxation process, enhancing the overall floating experience. Remember not to have a hot shower; skin temperature is ideal. Having a shower before a float [...]

Why shower before and after floating?2022-07-20T09:44:11+10:00
20 07, 2022

Why are you floating?


When booking your appointment, remember how good you felt after your last float; think about one of the benefits that you got. Why are you floating? Is it because of your stressful job, a painful event in your family, or are you feeling anxiety with situations in your life? Or are you in physical pain? [...]

Why are you floating?2022-07-20T09:43:39+10:00
20 07, 2022

Is it Ok to shave or wax before a float?


There are about 600 kilograms of Epsom salt in a float tank, and like any form of salt, it can sting a freshly waxed or shaven body. However, Epsom salts can be used to heal skin conditions like psoriasis; the first 7-10 mins may sting; we provide single-use packets of petroleum jelly that act as [...]

Is it Ok to shave or wax before a float?2022-07-20T09:42:53+10:00
20 07, 2022

What about hair colour and spray tanning?


This would be one expensive float; the cost of draining the tank and refilling is over $600, so we recommend you leave at least 7 days after you have dyed your hair or no colour runs when you wash it. Spray tans can also discolour the tank water, so please wait 7-10 days before jumping [...]

What about hair colour and spray tanning?2022-07-20T09:41:59+10:00


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