One of the most common apprehensions we hear about trying floatation therapy is that individuals who have claustrophobia (the fear of confined spaces) are unable to enjoy the numerous rewards that floatation can offer.

We can completely sympathise with the misconception that being enclosed in a small, dark space may make some uneasy and that the sleek outer appearance of the tanks can sometimes remind people of an MRI machine. But let us reassure you that floating in the zero-gravity environment which our pods create can generate the exact opposite feelings that claustrophobia tends to bring on, and that it has the potential even to help you to overcome this fear.

The most important thing to remember when you’re anticipating conquering your fears and trying floatation therapy is that you’re always in control of the environment during your session. If your claustrophobia is more closely related to a fear of the unknown, then maybe all you need is to float with the lights on in the pod until you are comfortable enough to lay without them. The hydraulic-powered door opens and closes almost effortlessly, so you can easily maintain control of how enclosed you are until you reach the level of comfort and relaxation you desire.

The Magnesium-dense, buoyant Epsom salt solution in the tank sits at approximately 25cm deep, so you are able to sit upright and will likely have a lot more personal space in the pod than you would imagine, with no possibility of sinking. First-time floaters often tell us how surprised they are at how spacious the pods feel once settled inside! And the built-in air vents, which are continually circulating, mean that you never have to worry about running out of fresh air while you’re enjoying your floatation session.

If you’ve already started to research floatation therapy, you’re likely aware that it offers a seemingly never-ending list of personal benefits. Once you understand that you are in complete control of your surroundings and feel comfortable inside the sensory-deprived environment, it can give you a similar sensation to floating in space. Personally, we can’t think of any setting that would be less claustrophobic than that!

Are you beginning to get curious about trying it for yourself? Feel free to call us with any of your questions and concerns. Or better yet, stop by the Water Temple and have a look around. We would love for you to see for yourself just how spacious our pods can feel and how calming of an experience floatation can provide for you.