1 07, 2024

Health Solutions 101


Health Solutions 101 is our range of holistic health care products designed by Dr. Mychelle Whitewood, director of Utopia Health Care and Water Temple floatation and Holistic Health. Health Solutions 101 came about during one of Melbourne’s lockdowns in 2020. Mychelle was still practicing in clinic, but with more free time and a desire [...]

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8 11, 2021

How Floatation Therapy increases our happy hormone Serotonin


Known as one of the “happy hormones”, serotonin is a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger that plays a role in some of the body’s most essential functions, affecting our sleep cycle, digestion, and mood. Over 95% of serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract (GI), making the remaining 5% in the brain stem. Serotonin helps [...]

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12 03, 2020

Water Temple Floatation COVID-19 Update


Water Temple’s community health and wellness is a high priority of ours and we take great pride in ensuring our centre is clean and safe. We have been and will continue to stay up to date on the Coronavirus. Here is a link to the Australian Government website which is updated daily. “The [...]

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1 10, 2019

Float therapy rejuvenates the Body and Brain


We all know the importance of sleep, as without it we don't seem to function as well in our daily lives. Sleep is considered one of the main pillars of health along with exercise and a healthy diet. Your circadian rhythm is your internal biological clock that interacts with a variety of bodily processes [...]

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27 09, 2019

Floatober is coming


MEDIA RELEASE: Floatober expands awareness of floatation therapy as an important tool for relaxation. Simply by experiencing a float during October, businesses and individuals simultaneously raise funds in support of mental health. This year we proudly support SANE Australia. About Floatation Therapy Floating is a trending therapy, popular due its relaxation and health benefits. [...]

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4 06, 2019

Float at Mind Body Spirit Festival


Water Temple is proud to be exhibiting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne on June 7th - 10th. The Mind Body Spirit Festival is Australia's largest health, well-being and natural therapies event. Visit us at stand A27, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf to have a chat and receive festival-only promotions. Get your [...]

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28 04, 2018

Faces of High Street Armadale


Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health is the Isle of Calm, a place of rest where you can experience inner peace and reconnect with yourself. Founder and Director of Utopia Health Centre, Dr Mychelle Whitewood is a fully qualified and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with over 28 years of experience. Passionate about [...]

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7 03, 2018

Float therapy helps Work Life Balance


Work-life balance is something we are all seeking to achieve. What does it look like to you? Do you work 8 hours or more? Do you get the 8 hours recommended sleep? Does sleep make you feel rejuvenated? Do you play for 8 hours a day? What is your favourite way to relax and [...]

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7 03, 2018

History Behind Labour Day


A little bit of history of Labour Day The first Labour Day parade was held in Melbourne on April 21st, 1856. It commemorates the granting of the eight-hour working day for Australians and remembers those who struggled and succeeded in ensuring decent and fair working conditions in Australia. Known as Labour Day in Queensland and [...]

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22 02, 2018

What Is a Sensory Deprivation Tank?


Sensory deprivation can be experienced when floating in an isolation tank, created to remove external stimuli: sound, sight, smell and touch. Another way floating is referred to in research studies is "Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique," or floating-REST. Float tanks, float rooms, float pods,  are used for inducing sensory deprivation or more so sensory enhancement [...]

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