10 06, 2022

Why Float More Than Once?


As with all new experiences, it takes more than one go to fully grasp the concept and reap the benefits. Floating can be like going to the gym - at first, you need to go regularly to see improvement, but eventually, you will adapt to the new stimulus and can begin to work on [...]

Why Float More Than Once?2022-06-14T15:58:36+10:00
27 04, 2022

The Benefits of Floating for Sleep


Why is sleep so important? The world is only just waking up to the importance of sleep and realising that it is an essential part of life and something that cannot be “banked” – meaning we can’t make up for a lousy night’s sleep by sleeping more the next night. Sleep expert Doctor Matthew [...]

The Benefits of Floating for Sleep2023-01-13T09:51:55+11:00
7 04, 2022

Float Therapy for Runners


If you’re a runner, you may have been lucky enough to experience one of those runs where everything just clicks. You feel like you’re running on clouds and floating through the air - no, it’s not the latest super shoes providing that comfortable ride, but your rhythm. Time and pace are forgotten in this [...]

Float Therapy for Runners2022-04-07T10:23:48+10:00
4 03, 2022

Hydrotherapy Versus Floatation Therapy


Hydrotherapy has been used for hundreds of years in many forms, from exercise to healing. There are places with unique water quality known to heal and treat diseases. Water has many properties known as minerals and salts that give it the ability to heal. The dead sea, salt lakes, and hot springs are places [...]

Hydrotherapy Versus Floatation Therapy2022-03-08T16:18:50+11:00
5 01, 2022

Float Therapy Helps You Exercise


With restrictions easing and the allotment of more outdoor time, you may have found yourself increasing the amount of exercise you usually do. While this is terrific for your health and social life, if exercising with friends, a fast increase in the intensity and amount of exercise can leave you feeling sore and tired if [...]

Float Therapy Helps You Exercise2022-05-07T12:38:55+10:00
1 12, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Ingesting Magnesium (absorbed through the stomach)


Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, and muscle and nerve function. It is also essential to the production of protein, bone minerals, and DNA. When taken internally (ingesting), magnesium is mainly absorbed through the small intestine. Not all magnesium is created equal. [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Ingesting Magnesium (absorbed through the stomach)2022-03-01T12:07:05+11:00
14 09, 2021

Float therapy – a holistic remedy for life’s stressors


Float therapy has many physical benefits in terms of recovery from hard training and sport. It allows us to give back to our body and to reset and restore ourselves for another hard training block, race, game or event. But float therapy doesn’t only help sportspeople physically, I believe it helps with all areas [...]

Float therapy – a holistic remedy for life’s stressors2022-03-01T12:15:10+11:00
3 08, 2021

Your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep and Floatation Therapy


What does the circadian rhythm have to do with sleep routine, stress and heart health and why it is so high on the global health radar this decade? Western Science has been studying the laws of nature for hundreds of years, more recently a group of the Nobel prize winning researchers found that the [...]

Your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep and Floatation Therapy2022-03-01T12:19:24+11:00
1 07, 2021

Floatation Therapy for the ultimate DETOX


Most detox programs ask you to give up substances in your daily routines where one often suffers withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion and irritability making it harder to stay on track.  Whereas floatation is a gentler approach matched perfectly with a detox program as floating provides a continuous technique to change your life [...]

Floatation Therapy for the ultimate DETOX2022-03-01T12:28:50+11:00
7 06, 2021

Float therapy for acute & chronic pain


Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain? Complementary therapies such as Acupuncture and Floatation Therapy shine as they offer a different method of pain relief and management and have no adverse side effects that can be associated with Western pharmaceutical.  Acupuncture has a long history of well over 2000 years and has become [...]

Float therapy for acute & chronic pain2022-03-01T12:30:31+11:00


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