1 07, 2021

Floatation Therapy is the Best Detox


Most detox programs ask you to give up substances in your daily routines where one often suffers withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion and irritability making it harder to stay on track.  Whereas floatation is a gentler approach matched perfectly with a detox program as floating provides a continuous technique to change your life [...]

Floatation Therapy is the Best Detox2021-07-06T16:44:11+10:00
7 06, 2021

Floating for pain relief


Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain? Complementary therapies such as Acupuncture and Floatation Therapy shine as they offer a different method of pain relief and management and have no adverse side effects that can be associated with Western pharmaceutical.  Acupuncture has a long history of well over 2000 years and has become [...]

Floating for pain relief2021-06-07T13:51:50+10:00
22 03, 2021

Keeping your immune system strong holistically through Chinese Medicine and Floatation Therapy.


According to Chinese Medicine theory, Autumn is associated with the metal element, the lung and large intestine and the strength of the lungs can indicate how effective our immune system is. Also, in Chinese medicine theory, the lungs are in part responsible for protecting our body from being attacked by external influences. Often described as [...]

Keeping your immune system strong holistically through Chinese Medicine and Floatation Therapy.2021-03-26T16:09:05+11:00
2 03, 2021

Improve Skin Health


Our skin is truly amazing. Did you know, our skin is the largest organ in the human body and like other organs, it has its own special function by acting as a protective barrier from harsh chemicals, bacteria and all the elements mother nature shares with us throughout the year. It is also extremely resilient [...]

Improve Skin Health2021-03-03T14:21:15+11:00
5 10, 2020

Safety first: Cleaning our float pods


How we care for our float pods and clean our water is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Water Temple Floatation and Holistic Health. We have a number of processes in place so that our pods are continuously and thoroughly maintained to ensure the quality of our water is always at [...]

Safety first: Cleaning our float pods2020-10-05T16:38:39+11:00
15 07, 2020

Benefits of Vitamin D


Today, there are many ways of restoring our health resulting in a better, and stronger version of you. Building resilience, staying strong both mentally and physically. Regular exercise, good quality sleep, and a balanced diet have all been talked about, researched, and marketed to us all. Inflammation is a critical part of understanding early warning [...]

Benefits of Vitamin D2020-07-15T10:13:24+10:00
9 06, 2020

What COVID-19 has taught us about isolation


What has the COVID-19 isolation taught you? How did you handle the stress, anxiety or fear, all of which came to us all so unexpectedly? How are we all going to handle the “new normal” moving forward as we re-open business, school, and social spaces? During quiet times, we often have feelings and emotions surface [...]

What COVID-19 has taught us about isolation2020-06-09T11:56:58+10:00
4 02, 2020

What’s all the racquet about floating?


The world NO. 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, uses floatation therapy to stay on top of his game. Water Temple Floatation Centre in High Street Armadale Melbourne are excited and proud to have been a part of the support team that helped Novak  achieve even more greatness by securing an eighth Australian Open title and [...]

What’s all the racquet about floating?2020-02-04T13:29:41+11:00
8 01, 2020

Thanks For Looking After Us


The Australian bushfires have devastated our nation, we share the pain and grieve together as one. It is inspiring to see how Australians rise up and help each other during these challenging times. Our firefighters and other emergency service workers have been doing an amazing job. And to say thank you for looking after us, we [...]

Thanks For Looking After Us2020-01-08T16:44:36+11:00
29 10, 2019

Physical stress and floating


Pictured: Australian Paralympian, Don Elgin Image Credit: www.donelgin.com.au Floating is not the first thing we think about when we mention the word stress. Throughout Floatober, Water Temple has focused on mental and emotional stress. Physical stress has an effect on the hormones and how we feel. The stress and strain from muscular workout or injury [...]

Physical stress and floating2020-03-04T10:34:14+11:00

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