Often when you hear about the benefits of floatation therapy, you’re told about its effects on your mind as a relaxation tool. But the benefits that it can have on your physical appearance is often overlooked.

The high concentration of Magnesium in the pod that gets absorbed through your entire body can do wonders for your beauty routine. Often overlooked, Magnesium is a vital mineral which is proven to be most effective when absorbed through the skin, as opposed to being digested. This makes floatation therapy the ideal way to get your regular dose.

Floating is great for your skin

Epsom salts, consisting of Magnesium sulphate, can even act as a natural facial cleanser. Just by soaking in the highly concentrated water once, you should begin to notice less acne, blackheads and minimised pores.

Magnesium also acts as a natural exfoliator, which means that you are gently removing dead skin cells with no effort while you glide into REST. With regular sessions, these improvements will become more amplified.

beauty benefits floating girl

Floating can reduce cellulite

Another benefit of regular exfoliation is a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Floatation helps to improve your blood circulation and relaxes your muscles, which in turn can make cellulite less noticeable on the top layers of your skin.

Floating can help sleep

Floatation therapy is commonly used to draw toxins from your body and regulate sleeping patterns. It’s no secret that staying well-rested is a major anti-ageing secret. A healthy sleep routine can help lower stress levels in your body by reducing stress hormones in your body.

Floating improves your hair

You might also notice your hair has a natural shine and bounce to it after you step out of the pod. Again, you can thank the Epsom mixture for this, as it gently cleanses your hair of excess oils and product build-up while you soak.

Spoil yourself, or a loved one

So next time you’re looking to improve your beauty care routine, why not consider a more natural approach and try floatation therapy. Not only will it slow down your body’s ageing process, but it also provides so many other benefits to your body while doing so.


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